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Full spectrum heat & flavor profile includes:

5oz Fire Potion #3 (Moderately light Ghost pepper sauce that wont burn you up- great on Italian Food.)

5oz Verde Potion #231 (Sweet & lightly spicy /Makes Great Guacamole.)

4oz Shaker - Grimmstone #23 (Spicy Sea Salt/Rimming Salt. two words - Bloody, Mary.)

5oz Inferno Potion #1031 (10x hotter than Fire Potion.)

5oz Dos Cero Seis # 206 ( We started in Seattle our Anniversary Pike Place Market Farmers Blend is PNW AF! )

12oz Cherry Bomb BBQ Potion (Cherry Based BBQ use like a glaze /Amazing Pulled Pork.)

12oz Hotheads Honey Mustard (Best spicy mustard on the planet.)

3.7oz Shaker - Grimm's Chocolate Jerk Rub ( Jerk Chicken Any One? )

3.7oz Shaker - Grimm's Chocolate Chipotle Rub ( Surf or Turf Great for your Chili recipe unbelievable in Baked Beans.)


And a Surprise* exclusive NFS on this site or anywhere spice thats both Wicked & Nice!  


Total Value $250.00

*Free Shipping*