The Alchemist

The Alchemist

Posted by Antonio U Lovett on Oct 27th 2017

The Alchemist & The Fire Potion

Once there was a simple alchemist whom had a notion,

Tired of bland food he would make a Fire Potion.

First he would need to gather the three hottest in the land,

And put a bottle of his elixir in each and every hand.

The first one from India mysterious as a ghost.

The second from Trinidad, a tiny island just off its coast.

The third from South Carolina was the hottest of the three.

And with just one taste, it was very plain to see.

Combining the three pods he beheld a sight,

A potion that gave his meal such wonderful delight.

And soon all the town folk agreed,

Their meals no longer boring, they were finally freed.

As they applauded and danced, he gathered his things, (with a carefree whim.)

And as he strolled out of town with the three hottest in his sack.

He turned once more, just to look back.

And with a wicked grin he said to them,

"May you all be well & may you all Get Grimm!!!"

And they all ate happily ever after.